• Who We Are

    At E Com Web Solutions we have been involved in the digital marketing campaigns of Big Brands and small businesses.

    Alike and helped them create an online identity, drive their ranking on Search Engines, engage their corporate entity on the social media platforms and generate revenue that contributes to the success of their business enterprise.

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    Our Proven SEO Results :

    • •   No.7 out of 17,50,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Plastic recycling machinery".(Vali Engineering)

    • •   No. 8 out of 2,50,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "plastic scrap grinder".(Vali Engineering)

    • •   No.2 out of 43,40,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Plastic scrap washing plant".(Vali Engineering)

    • •   No.4 out of 26,60,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "waste plastic recycling plant".(Vali Engineering)

    • •   No 6 out of 71,20,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "function gate decoration".(APM Decorators)

    • •   No.2 out of 7,36,00,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Office furniture manufacturers". (Exotic Furnitures)

    • •   No 5 out of 1,09,00,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Blast Hole Gas Bags".(Focus Mining)

    • •   No 3 out of 10,900,000 competing web pages on Google.com for "Blast Hole Gas Bags".(Focus Mining)

    • •   No 4 out of 10,900,000 competing web pages on Google.com.au for "Blast Hole Gas Bags".(Focus Mining)

    • •   No 3out of 3,410,000 competing web pages on Google.com for "Eco friendly heaters ".(Cozy Heaters)

    • •   No 2 out of 9,82,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Wall Mounted Room Heaters".(cozy Heaters)

    • •   No 2 out of 89,10,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Ceiling fans manufacturer".(Jain Electromech)

    • •   No 8 out of 9,65,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Chick Transport Trays".(AP Poultry Equipments)

    • •   No 2 out of 11500000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "Stainless steel raw material".(Nivee Metals)

    • •   No 5 out of 11500000 competing web pages on Google.com for "Stainless steel raw material".(Nivee Metals)

    • •   No 4 out of 4,07,00,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "cattle farming".(Om Herbals)

    • •   No 2 out of 1,95,00,000 competing web pages on Google.co.in for "garden fertilizer ".(Om Herbals)

    Why Choose Us:

    Planning a digital marketing campaign can be one of the most important investments you will make. Getting it right can pay rich dividends on a long term basis.

    • •  Driven by innovation:   Delivering something new with every project is a passion with us. We constantly keep exploring new technologies and make use of them bringing value to your projects.

    • •  Creative & Technical:   We bring unmatched creative and technical knowhow under one roof for our services which it makes it easier for our clients to have custom made solutions serving their business needs.

    • •  Adherence to Quality:  We create fantastic user experiences with strict adherence to industry standards meeting the expectations of our client.

    • •  Customized Solutions:  Every client is different deserving a customized solution tailored to his business strategy.

    • •  Defined turnaround time:  We care about our clients. Don’t be surprised to find us working out of our skins to get everything ‘just right’ in time.

    • •  We are growing:  We are honored to have a growing base of prestigious customers from diverse fields.

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    Services Overview

    Generating high number of leads both in terms of Quality and Quantity is the prime objective of any business enterprise. A successful lead generation engine should be put in place that would keep the funnel full of business prospects while you work. Hence, planning a digital marketing campaign can be one of the most important investments you will make. Getting it right can pay rich dividends on a long term basis.

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  • Web Services

    Web Design :

    Engaging and good looking….that's how a website must be!!!

    But that's not all about it. A website should also perform well which in turn depends on how it looks….the factors which get it noticed and make an impression first hand. We believe in designing websites that not only impress the visitors but also retain and convert them.

    As one of India's fastest emerging website design companies, we are in a continuous process of improving our standards to match the changes in digital technology around us. With a streamlined process in place that enables high level of interactivity with the client results in our website designers and developers deliver astonishing results. Our web design services include:

    Static websites, Dynamic Websites, CMS websites, E-Commerce Websites, Concept websites

    Web Development :

    We deliver custom-built web applications and websites to cater to our clients from a diverse field of businesses.

    We specialise in the delivery of secure e-Commerce and database driven projects. Your design vision is our focus for development. Our methodology makes us distinct from others which in turn brings uniqueness to the development process. Our designs are great and properly structured resulting from project specification that have been simplified by our team which has the skills and creativity to develop websites that will engage your clients.

    We love what we do and are passionate about every project we undertake. It is our aim to develop websites that not only look great but also perform to the highest technical standards. Website designing is our passion and for our team of hard working, efficient web designers no challenge is too great or small for the development of your website and its promotion across borders.

    A fresh and original website can make that difference between success and failure. At E-Com Web Solutions we can drive your way to success and help you achieve the desired result. Here we combine the creative design with SEO expertise to deliver you a website that works for you in the most effective manner 24x7 without compromising on quality and design.

    Web Redesign: Appearance counts and perception is the key

    Good web designs are very much relative to time. A fantastic web design today might not be the need of the time tomorrow. As with time designs fade and become outdated. As a result, so does your business represented by these Web designs. The website is your shop front for the digital age. A shabby looking website will make the business look bad.

    With the online buyers being an impatient lot usually make up their mind about a site in a few seconds. Hence a timely redesign can help increase the marketing value of your business front that is open 24/7, 365 days a year, creating the business opportunities on the various search engines.

    Blog Design & Integration :

    Blogs make ad hoc communication possible with your target online audience.

    Blogging is a free and convenient way to establish your domain expertise, generate trust with your clients, and increase search engine rankings. At ECom Web Solutions, we will set u, design and integrate your blog with the website.

    Open Source CMS Websites :

    Convention has it that when it comes to CMS websites WordPress is the fast and easy way out while the Drupal works for more complex and enterprise class websites and is a techies delight.

    Joomla finds its way somewhere between the two. However of late, all the three CMS's have evolved way beyond their origins. The Drupals got easier, Wordpress can furnish sophisticated websites and what more, now Joomla has both CMS and Web Development platform. And then there are OS Commerce, Magento, Volusion and Big Commerce, etc. the online store management systems, an open source eCommerce and online store management softwares.

    Our multi talented team is adept to give you control of your website using our custom CMS, but at the same time we also develop sites with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

  • Web Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization :

    It doesn't really matter how competitive your market is, you always need to have that edge over competitors.

    Contemporary marketing is no longer about just having a website. Its all about making your web content reach out to your target clients online. This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes to the rescue. Our SEO team has experience across several sectors which has helped us build our knowledge base so that your business can rank higher in the SERP results.

    We take a range of factors into account and apply the best SEO practices to get your website up in the ranking results. Our Services range from keyword and competition research to link building campaigns and detailed page optimisation.

    We also provide easy to understand in depth analysis on the performance of your website through our Search Engine Analytics Report and advice on improving success metrics.

    Search Engine Marketing :

    We provide comprehensive search engine marketing campaigns

    which are analytics driven and provide traffic to your website that converts into sales. Our simple system that combines attention to detail with the latest digital marketing strategies enables us to create out of the box marketing campaigns with the sole purpose of bringing home your ROI.

    Social Media Marketing :

    Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a host of other sites have become more than useful in building relationships with your existing and potential clients.

    Social Media Marketing harnesses this power of social platforms to popularise your company and its product and services. More importantly it helps to create conversations across your clientele that helps to build a brand that can promote itself through positive interactions across social platforms.

    Our team sets clear vision for your social marketing campaign and structure the entire process in a manner that is completely focussed on results. With various social marketing techniques like integration of social tools and application into your website and allowing easy sharing of website content across social platforms, we make sure you get the most this all powerful marketing tool.

    We manage all aspects of your campaigns starting from content planning, messaging, sharing and posting relevant content that goes a long way in engaging with your customers.

    PPC Campaign Management :

    We offer full PPC campaign management for advertisement across search and social platforms like Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter amongst others.

    We manage all aspects from account set up, keyword research, landing page development, conversion tracking to account maintenance. With our pay per click campaigns you get:

    Better conversion rates, Market segmentation based on actual visitors motives, relevant ads, prioritize content creation for both on site and ad groups.

    Blog Management :

    A company blog is a great way to communicate efficiently with your target online visitors about the latest events from your organisation, industry and your products and services updates.

    It helps a great deal to have the awareness about our products and services improved a great deal not only helping raise the organisation profile but also attract a lot more visitors to your website.

    As such, the company blog today can act as the most powerful marketing tool that one can have for nearly every high profile online marketing initiative by any firm. It's an essential initiative for getting better search engine optimisation, improved social network visibility and helping to engage with potential customers online. However, given your busy schedule, setting up your blog and managing it can be a cumbersome exercise. This is where we come in to take care of all this for you. We offer the following blog management services:
    - Blog Planning
    - Blog Set up
    - Blog Optimization
    - Blog Maintenance
    Our full blog management services are crafted to suit your business requirements and make it an engaging affair with your readers.

    Link Building And Management :

    To target the top ranks on SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) your company deserves the advanced link building campaign that stands the test of ever changing Search Engine algorithms. However the big question always remains. From where can I get Quality links that are relevant and from the best online resources?

    At E Com Web Solutions, our SEO team is constantly employing innovative and most effective practice of link building which is helping our clients to reach the top of the organic search rankings. It includes content marketing in the form of blog posts, dedicated articles, press releases; Directory submissions and social bookmarking and also Private Blog Networks that provide back links that are of greater relevancy and Ranking value.

    E-mail Marketing :

    E Com Web Solutions can act as your partner for delivering a series of sophisticated email programs that deliver targeted and timely mail communications to your clients and prospects. The team at E Com constantly endeavours to understand your business and what you are focussing to achieve through your mail marketing efforts.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

    Are you interested in ecommerce website development and sell your products online?

    Get your online business started today!!! E Com Web Solutions makes it easy for you to own your very own online store...

    At E Com Web Solutions we provide the best shopping cart solution for building an ecommerce website of any size: from a small web store to a virtual shopping mall. You can have a ready storefront, support for many Secured payment and shipping options, full inventory control, unlimited products, promotional tools to manage your visibility on the internet to get more buyers.

    Our expertise in e-commerce site design can get you up and running online and completely set up to sell your products on the Internet. We have several options that we can explore with you, depending on your needs and budget. From your chosen custom design to setting up your merchant account to secure e-Commerce Hosting, we direct your platform to make it a one stop shop for your clients translating in successful sales and conversion for you.

    Some standout features:

    • ✔  Excellent custom design templates
    • ✔  Shopping cart software
    • ✔  Secure E Commerce Hosting
    • ✔  pload new products without HTML code knowledge
    • ✔  Change pricing on your products to accommodate specials and wholesale customers,
    • ✔  Create marketing newsletters to build customer loyalty and repeat business
    • ✔  Calculate shipping and other tax calculations
    • ✔  Search Engine optimized
    • ✔  Analytics and reporting
    • ✔  Payment features
    • ✔  Order management integration
    • ✔  Process credit card transactions securely
    • ✔  Manage your inventory, and more!

  • Software Solutions

    Our software division has a very powerful IT wing which is backed by some bright and talented minds who have graduated from premier institutes like IITs. This combination of talent and expertise has put our business on ramp emphatically. Our team acts as a solution provider, designing and developing customized software to fulfill the needs of the end-user.

    The members of this team have several years of industrial experience in:

    • •   ASP.NET, MS-SQL, C#
    • •   PHP, MySQL
    • •   C/C++, VC++
    • •   Web 2.0

    Our team has worked on some of the emerging and challenging new technologies like:
    • •   VPN
    • •   Cloud Technologies
    • •   Network Security

    Our Services :

    • •   Customized Solution:   We provide affordable, tangible and efficient custom solutions according to the customers' needs in timely manner.

    • •   Consulting:   WIf you have some ideas; we are here to help you accomplish them in reality. We can also help you complete unfinished projects by providing assistance- both technical as well as human resources.

    Products :

    •   School management System :
    Automation Software for total campus management of educational institutions.
    Manual Campus Management is time and cost consuming which is also cumbersome and difficult to maintain. mSkool is a software solution for total automation of campus management which is applicable for any kind of educational institutes. It's a cost and time effective solution which also provides analytical data that helps in making valuable decisions to improve overall system.

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  • Domains And Hosting


    Domains Name Registration :

    At E Com Web Solutions you can book the perfect domain name for your website. We help you with registering the domain name of your choice be it .com/.net/.in/.org/.info/.biz name extensions or be it country specific domain name extensions of your choice.

    VPS Hosting :

    We provide you with Virtual Private Server hosting. You have the options of VPS based on Linux based operating system as well as Windows based operating system VPS.

    Shared Web Hosting :

    We offer affordable shared hosting plans to our clients which are rich in features and help them to take the first steps in establishing their business online. It is the perfect online hosting solution for small and medium scale enterprises and bloggers to take their ventures on the web with one script installation.

    Email Hosting :

    With E Com Web Solutions E mail Hosting plans you can access your email, calendars, contacts, tasks from anywhere. Synchronize these features with email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows mail, Apple mail or with the latest Android, Apple and Windows phones and tablets.

    CMS Web Hosting :

    We provide support for hosting CMS applications like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and a lot more.

  • New Products

    School Management System :

    ECom School ERP is designed to pave the future of next generation schools. Our school management system integrates the various functions and processes of the institutions to facilitate total campus management of these educational institutions. It provides the school administration complete solutions to manage their school. It facilitates a healthy interaction between the school, teachers, parents and their wards which thus fostering a transparent growth culture for the students at school.

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    Billing ERP :

    Our billing ERP prevents you from being overburdened by issues like multiple revenue streams, customized payment terms, partial and full payments, tax allocations, miscellaneous charges and more by helping you to manage and automate your billing process. You can integrate the entire billing process work flow from managing quotations to generating receipts, Performa invoices and invoices. You can also generate miscellaneous certificates like service and maintenance certificates etc. You can adapt our billing management software to your company's specific requirements thus reducing billing errors and improved customer satisfaction.

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  • Be Our Partner

    E Com Web Solutions has been leading the way in the delivery of innovative digital marketing and software solutions to our clients and maintaining impeccable service standards throughout.

    However, digital solution providers today face multiple challenges, including fierce competition and ever changing technology and search media algorithms. We believe no one company can solve all the problems together in this marketplace and that's why we have made our digital platform completely open through our partnership programs. We would like to work closely with our partners to build innovative digital solutions for the MSME's and the business industry as a whole.

    We are in the process of creating a global ecosystem of digital solution provider companies and resellers who can build upon and expand the capabilities of E Com Web Solutions to support our clients worldwide in their digital solution requirements. Our partners can generate new clients and drive revenue growth in a symbiotic manner by associating with our digital solution products and services.

    Partnership Opportunities :

    You can certainly reach out to us for the partnership opportunities for our entire suite of digital marketing solutions and software services by engaging with us on a long term basis thus ensuring a consistent revenue and growing income.

    Partnership Programs :

    • Commercial Partners :

      'E Com Web Solutions' Commercial partner program is focused towards organizations that undertake marketing, pre- and post sales responsibilities and giving basic service support to our clients for the entire suite of our products and services.

    • Reseller Partners :

      Our Reseller Partner Program is directed towards organizations who want to engage in partnership with us by providing us leads by undertaking basic presales activities.

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    Our Location :

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  • Core Competencies:

    Web Designing:

    The two terms “web design” & “web development” are often used interchangeably. However they really have two different meanings.

    Website Design is the customer facing part of the website- giving the all important first impression of the company. The success of your website will largely depend on finding the right website designing company which brings to the fore a right mixes of creativity and experience.

    At E-com we believe that with our team of designers help you to develop not only a high quality website design at a sensible price but also help you in reaching out to your target clients on the online platform by highlighting your company identity and helping you to stand out in the crowd.

    Web Development:

    Website Development on the other hand is the back end of the website, the programming and interactions on the pages. It is important that your website keeps running effectively on various platforms across the world. At E-Com our team makes use of the latest technologies that empower our clients to maintain a global online presence for continuous business.

    It is important for us that we match our web designing expertise with our web development skills proportionately so as to deliver our clients an effective online solution for their internet marketing resulting in better profits.

    Search Engine Marketing:

    Over the years the search engines have redefined the way the world discovers its needs and requirements. In fact, it has become a central resource for individuals looking for a business product or service and has reduced the need for traditional means of searching such as Yellow Pages.

    Hence the business today has to adapt to this changed consumer search behavior. Every business today with a website is well equipped to target buyers on the online platform and be found by more customers through SEO.

    Globalization has opened the gateway for carrying out business in the international market. Business people are now looking for cheaper and reliable mode of communication to get connected to their counter parts located in other parts of the world.

    Social Media Marketing:

    In today’s modern business scenario, it is of utmost importance for us to know as to how to leverage Social Media Lead Generation.

    Reasons for this:

    • - Social Media Accounts for 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online worldwide.
    • - Internet users in USA spend 3x more time on blogs and social media than on email.
    • - Companies that use twitter average 2x more leads per month than those who don’t
    • - 41% of companies using facebook have acquired a new customer from it.

    Hence it is quite clear that In order to generate quality leads in good quantity, you need to expand your presence in the social media sphere.

    •    •   Monitoring and engagement of social media- so you can track and engage in relevant conversations.
    •    •   Social Sharing and Integration
    •    •   Blog Auto publishing
    •    •   Detailed analytics- Let you measure your Social media ROI

    Social Media monitoring – so you can track and engage in relevant conversations.

    Analytics- Let you measure your Social media ROI

    We at E-com with all our tools and expertise make sure that you can engage your audience online and simplify your marketing.

    Software Solutions:

    At E-Com, we have an in-house software development group that deliver desired results as per the clients particular preferences and expectations in a cost effective manner.

    It reduces the needs of the clients to be dependent on multiple softwares for their business requirement thus making irrelevant the regular up gradation and license costs. It would enable your organization to make your business well equipped with tools to achieve maximum possible efficiency from all its resources. It involves understanding your business model, studying your business requirement in terms of its target deliverables providing the custom and tailor-made solution for your needs.

    Other specialized services:

    We provide a host of other specialized solutions which cater to the customized needs of our clients. These services include E-mail marketing; Link Building; Blog customization; Domain Hosting; Logo designing; Brochure Designing; Content writing; Word Press development and many more.

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